Gathering of the Ghosts – January 22, 2024

Category: Pros on Prose

Jeff Swystun analyzes the seven major plotlines in storytelling and shares how they can be applied to businesses
Writers who worry about style more than substance think they’re going to make a career out of cool. It never works
Writing groups and partnerships were principally about accountability. One person holding the other to account in order to spur them in some way – a transaction if...
Nature writing, true crime, history, essays, memoir, and narrative journalism all have this in common: if the writing is not compelling, the reader will put it down.
When you realize good grammar is essential to good writing, you thank the gods and goddess of technology for Grammarly and Hemingway.
We recently asked our community of writers about when and how they knew they were destined to be writers. Read some of their stories here.
Ginny Carter is an award-winning UK book ghostwriter with a business background. She's ghostwritten over a dozen books on a wide variety of topics, from HR to...
Kevin Maney is a writer and consultant. He selectively works with CEOs and companies on writing projects that give something interesting or important to the world. His...
Exec comms has changed from corporate window-dressing to society-saving work. Are you up for this?
If there’s been one prevailing sentiment among speechwriters across all that time, it’s a wish that their leaders would be more candid, more expressive—say something more meaningful...

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