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Editorial Services

Do you have a manuscript in need of polishing? Or are you looking for help refining your book’s concept, structure or narrative? Maybe you just need a coach to motivate and guide you through the writing process. Whatever your needs, our Editorial Services can pair you with the ideal partner to help you produce a book you will be proud to put your name on.

Led by Nate Roberson—who spent more than a decade acquiring and editing bestselling books for the world’s most successful publishing company before joining our agency—the Gotham team is stacked with experienced, highly qualified experts who are ready to help you realize the best version of your story. We have editors who’ve worked on bestsellers, award-winners, and acclaimed standouts in every genre on the shelf—from business, memoir and narrative nonfiction, to literary and commercial fiction.

Many of our editors have worked for major publishing houses or literary agencies; others draw their expertise from journalism, academia, or from working in specialized fields; and others are lifelong freelancers who’ve honed their skills working with a varied array of different clients and projects. But all of them share a passion for helping authors refine their message and structure, polish their prose, and create books that will win readers’ hearts. Just as we’ve done with our longstanding Bookwriting practice, this deep, diverse pool of specialists enables us to find the right solution for any author’s needs and support them at any point in their storytelling journey.

Whether it’s conceptualization, developmental editing, book doctoring, or book coaching, we can provide the insight, feedback and publishing guidance you need to maximize its potential and successfully bring it to market. And thanks to our deep knowledge of and extensive relationships in the publishing industry, we are also in a position to help our clients find the right publishing path for their project.

Our editorial services include, but are not limited to, all of the following forms and genres:


Women’s fiction and romance

Narrative nonfiction and history

How-to and self-help

Science fiction & fantasy


Science and technology

Politics and current events

Mystery, thriller & suspense

Literary fiction


Our editorial services cover every step of the book development process, from initial conceptualization, to coaching and feedback during the writing phase, to in-depth editing or doctoring of finished drafts. Pricing will vary greatly depending on the scope and nature of the work and the caliber of the selected editor, so contact us to discuss your project and determine what’s right for you.

Book Conceptualization

An editor will help you refine your concept, flesh out your vision and zero in on a roadmap to guide the writing process.

Developmental Editing

An experienced editor will help get your book across the finish line, whether that means providing detailed notes and feedback to improve material you’ve already written, or offering the in-depth guidance and coaching you need to take your idea for a book from the brainstorming phase to completion. They’ll offer comments and feedback throughout the process; write edit letters or notes on the manuscript, as needed; and help shape the final product.

Book Doctoring

A writing professional will read and assess your completed book according to your specifications, and provide thorough, detailed input on how to improve the work. In some cases, the book doctor may be hired in order to complete suggested changes on the client’s behalf.


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