Gathering of the Ghosts – January 22, 2024

Category: Creative Writing

Jeff Swystun breaks down the latest craze in corporate speak from certain brands: yogababble
Writers who worry about style more than substance think they’re going to make a career out of cool. It never works
External conflict is what makes the reader turn the page to find out what happens next. Internal conflict makes the reader care.
One day, an elderly man phoned me up out of the blue. He was looking for someone to help him write a book about his life. His...
Nature writing, true crime, history, essays, memoir, and narrative journalism all have this in common: if the writing is not compelling, the reader will put it down.
Beyond video, audio, and photography, writing may be the most powerful way to preserve and share family history. Journalist and speechwriter Stephen Martin shares why.
It’s sometimes difficult to identify the mistakes that stem from poor planning. The first step to correcting them is knowing what they look like.
In this webinar, Morgan Baden, Nicola Krauss, and Nisha Sharma, all published authors and industry experts get candid about how tough it can be to focus on...
For the uninitiated, fan fiction is any writing someone does that uses another writer’s characters and setting. These fanfic communities are more than just virtual writing workshops,...
Starting this week, we're participating in a fun and unusual project on Twitter. For the rest of the month of October, seven authors on Twitter will be...

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