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BookWriting Services

Gotham Ghostwriters is a one-stop solution for anyone who needs help shaping their story into a book. Whether you’re a first-time author who doesn’t know the first thing about producing a salable memoir, or a global CEO who doesn’t have the time to construct a full-length big-think book, our accomplished, experienced team of writers and book editors can assist you in finding the right words and the right path to publishing success.

Our nonfiction editorial, publishing and ghostwriting services include, but are not limited to, all of the following:


Manuscript development


Book doctoring

Please note that we don’t have set pricing for our ghostwriting services. The cost for hiring a writer through us to write a proposal or a book will vary depending on the scope of work (for example how much research needs to be done) and, more importantly, the caliber of writer you prefer to engage. Some of our writers charge $30,000 to write a full book, some charge $300,000. We do our best on the front end to learn about a client’s priorities and then recruit and recommend writers who are in the right price range.


Beyond finding you the right editorial partner, Gotham Ghostwriters can also connect you with a wide range of supporting resources and services to help you find the best and most successful path for your book once the text is done. These include:

Publishing Services

Should you sell your book to a traditional publisher, or should you use one of the growing number of self- and custom-publishing platforms? We have experts with deep experience in the complicated world of publishing who can help you find the right path for your project.

Literary Agents

If you opt for the traditional path, we have a deep understanding of the New York publishing market, as well as extensive connections to key players. We can introduce you to agents who specialize in your genre and who will maximize your chance of landing the best deal.

Strategy Development

If you go the nontraditional route, we can pair you up with a self-publishing Sherpa to guide you through the process and develop a customized plan tied to your goals and priorities.


Whatever path you take, we can connect you with the right PR and/or marketing consultants to get your work noticed by the people who matter most.


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