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Fiction & creative writing services

Do you have a mystery on your mind? Perhaps it’s a romance stirring in your heart. Whether you need help taking the first steps on a genre-defying work of literary fiction or your sci-fi saga just isn’t blasting off, Gotham Ghostwriters’ creative writing services can conjure a solution that fits your needs.

Led by Morgan Baden, a bestselling ghostwriter and author of Young Adult novels (THE HIVE was named a Best Book of Fall 2019 by People Magazine) and longtime children’s publishing professional, our creative writing program comprises an elite network of authors and editorial professionals who help writers hone in on their creative process and achieve their goals. Our writers are accomplished, award-winning, best-selling novelists, screenwriters, and editors of all genres who can take your book from ideation to publication. No matter what stage of the book process you’re in, we can help.

If you need help crafting a story idea into a full novel, or if you’ve started writing and just can’t seem to work the kinks out of your plot, our elite network is ready to help you with the conception, articulation, and publication of your fiction project.

Gotham’s creative writing services focus on ghostwriting, developmental editing, book doctoring and consulting, conceptualization, and publication services for all fiction projects. Just as we’ve done with nonfiction and speechwriting for a decade, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to help you bring your story to life—and then guide you down the right publishing path.

Our creative writing services include, but are not limited to, all of the following forms and genres:

Literary fiction

Middle-grade fiction

Science fiction and fantasy

Women’s fiction

Scripts for film, television and more

Young adult literature


Mystery, thriller & suspense

Romance and erotica

Humor writing


Our fiction writing and editing services cover every step of the novel development process, from full novel ghostwriting to guidance in the publication process. Pricing will vary greatly depending on the scope and nature of the work and the caliber of the selected writer, so contact us to discuss your project and determine what’s right for you.

Fiction Ghostwriting

Through our unique, four-step matching process, you’ll be paired with an expert novel ghostwriter whose skills are tailored to your priorities and preferences. They will work according to your specifications in order to channel your voice, capture the best version of your vision, and complete a book that you will be proud to put your name on.

Developmental Editing

An editor will take your novel idea or script concept from the brainstorming phase to completion, offering comments and feedback throughout the process, writing edit letters at significant milestones, and helping shape the final product.

Book Doctoring

A writing professional will read and assess your completed novel or script according to your specifications, and will provide input on how to improve the work. If desired, a writing professional will assist with your changes.

Novel Conceptualization

If you have an interesting and viable narrative idea, but aren’t sure how to bring your ideas to life, our ghostwriters and consultants will help you generate and develop a story and narrative arc.

Publication Services

A seasoned industry professional will work with you to find the right path for your story. If your goal is to sell your book to a traditional publisher, we will help to craft query letters, proposals, and providing a list of literary agents who will are well-suited to your project. In certain cases, Gotham may make introductions between authors and literary agents in order to help facilitate this process. If your story is better suited for self-publishing, we will help guide you through the new publishing landscape and connect you with platform best-suited for your goals and budget.

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