experience the gotham ghostwriters advantage

Why Gotham Ghostwriters?

Our Advantage

We like to say we’re the first and last word in ghostwriting, and that’s not just because we believe we’re the best at what we do. It’s because there is quite literally no other agency or group with our focus on long-form content, singular commitment to our clients’ success, and unparalleled capacity to deliver on it.

Our Ethos

While we may be a ghostwriting agency on paper, we’re really in the trust business. The people who come to us for help are quite often putting their life story or life’s work in our hands. As such, they are looking for more than a good writer — they want a true partner devoted to their success. This means that while credentials matter, chemistry matters more. If the client and the writer don’t click, the relationship won’t stick — and most likely neither will the story.

Our Method

That’s why, before a connection is made or a word written, the first and most vital service we provide is to listen — to your passions, your principles, and your priorities. We will pay close attention to what is motivating you to tell your story, what you want to accomplish in doing so, and what kind of collaborator will mesh best with your style. And throughout the process, just as you’d expect from a true partner, we will talk straight and be transparent with you about the costs and tradeoffs involved in the selection and production processes. No upselling, no pressure tactics, and no bait and switches. Our only interest will be your satisfaction.


Now that you know how we roll, let us tell you more about what we can write for you. Here is a sampling of our services.

Gotham Ghostwriters is a one-stop solution for anyone who needs help shaping their story into a book. Whether you’re a first-time author who doesn’t know the first thing about producing a salable memoir, or a global CEO who doesn’t have the time to construct a full-length big-think book, our accomplished, experienced team of writers and book editors can assist you in finding the right words and the right path to publishing success. Here are our core bookwriting offerings:
  • Coaching/Positioning
  • Proposals
  • Manuscript
  • Doctoring
Beyond finding you the right editorial partner, Gotham Ghostwriters can also connect you with a wide range of supporting resources and services to help you find the best and most successful path for your book once the text is done. These include:


Should you sell your book to a traditional publisher, or should you use one of the growing number of self- and custom-publishing platforms? We have experts with deep experience in the complicated world of publishing who can help you find the right path for your project.


If you opt for the traditional path, we have a deep understanding of the New York publishing market, as well as extensive connections to key players. We can introduce you to agents who specialize in your genre and who will maximize your chance of landing the best deal.


If you go the nontraditional route, we can pair you up with a self-publishing Sherpa to guide you through the process and develop a customized plan tied to your goals and priorities.


Whatever path you take, we can connect you with the right PR and/or marketing consultants to get your work noticed by the people who matter most.

Speechwriting is a sweet spot for Gotham Ghostwriters — our original area of specialization. Our president, Dan Gerstein, is a nationally recognized speechwriter, best known for his work with Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut and his role as a co-founder of the Professional Speechwriters Association. Over the last several years, he’s built the largest network of elite speechwriters in the country. These are wordsmiths who have ghosted for presidents, globally known CEOs, thought leaders, and experts in every industry and subject matter. Our speechwriting services include:

  • Message Development
  • Keynote Addresses
  • TED-­style Presentations
  • Event Scripts
  • Speeches
  • Coaching and Training

One of our biggest assets, which sets us apart from other content marketing companies and niche writing services, is our unique ability to custom-build a team of writing specialists who can create smart content across multiple platforms for businesses and institutions who lack that capacity in-house.

Developing a new digital hub that will include blog posts, white papers, and feature articles? Launching a thought leadership campaign that will require the creation of a series of high-level presentations and reams of fresh content to support them? With our unmatched network of elite business journalists, established communication executives, speechwriters, and digital content strategists, we can handpick an on-demand stable of writers to produce world-class content to meet your specific needs on your specific timetable.

Here’s a list of just some of the materials our ghosts can help you create:

  • White Papers
  • Reports
  • Thought Leadership Blogs
  • Digital Content
  • CEO Presentations
  • Company Newsletters

Our network is stocked with exceptional storytelling specialists who will help you deliver the best version of your vision. Be it a literary novel, sci-fi thriller, or even the next groundbreaking screenplay, if you can dream it, our team can write it.

In addition to book writers and screenplay writers, we also have a large stable of accomplished humor writers, who can equip you with the right kind of funny to break through and gain traction with discriminating audiences.

Here are some of the main ways that our creativity can work for you:

  • Novels
  • Children’s Books
  • Screenplays
  • Scripts
  • Monologues
  • Roasts and Toasts
  • Comedy