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Our Story

The Problem

While a whole slew of communications agencies and content marketing shops have risen up to provide high-level storytelling and thought leadership solutions in recent years, one gap still remains: long-form writing. More often than not, those searching for a ghostwriter to help with a reputation-making business book or a tech writer to pull together a sophisticated white paper do it the old-fashioned way — they phone a friend or Google it.

The Solution

That’s why our founder and CEO, Dan Gerstein, created Gotham Ghostwriters, the first agency of its kind. After being on the receiving end of many desperate, “Do you know a writer?” queries, Dan began leveraging his extensive connections to build a pool of some of the best and most specialized editorial pros in the country. The network effect meets the typewriter set.

The Results

10 years, over 2,500 writers, and more than 500 successful matches later, Gotham stands alone as the first and last word in ghostwriting — a one-stop solution for any author or speaker looking for help telling and selling a story. Whether they’re working on a big-think book, speech, article, memoir, corporate or family history, cookbook, or screenplay, our clients all have one thing in common — they’ve found the right partner for their project. 

Our Process

Our commitment to being a full-service firm extends not just to the forms of writing we do, but also to the way we function. Through our four-step process, we work with you and our writers every step of the way to find the perfect match and to ensure that your final product is resonant, relevant, and effective with your target audience.

Every engagement begins with a free consultation. We’ll talk through your plans, getting a full sense of who you are, why you’re looking for help, and what you hope to accomplish. Then we will explain our matchmaking process and our role as honest brokers. We will be fully transparent about what you can expect in terms of costs and outcomes, so you can make an informed decision about how best to move forward.

Once you have decided to engage us, we begin the search for the right writing partner for your project. We turn your priorities and parameters into a formal, anonymous notice that we send out to our private network of over 2,000 ghostwriters; we’ll also proactively reach out to select writers whom we know could be an ideal match. We charge a retainer to start this process and cover us while we do the search.

A search typically yields anywhere between 20 and 100 responses, depending on the subject matter and budget. Our team sorts and ranks these candidates, then whittles the list down to the very best matches for you. The top three to five writers (and in some instances more) are shortlisted for the assignment, and we send you a summary of their relevant credentials, full resumes, and some select samples of their work. Then we set up a call to get your feedback and facilitate interviews with your top choices.

Once you choose your partner, we step in to broker an agreement, working as the writer’s agent, for which we receive a percentage of the value of the contract. We also handle all the billing for the project and other paperwork, leaving you and the writer to concentrate on the content. And we are there to serve as a backstop throughout the engagement – to provide counsel and feedback and to troubleshoot, if necessary.

Our Team


Dan Gerstein is a nationally recognized political writer, communications strategist, and idea man who has been writing professionally for himself and others for 25 years.

Emma Wenninger

Emma Wenninger graduated from Indiana University with a double major in English and Spanish, and a certificate in creative writing, and is a recent Columbia Publishing Course alumna.

Nate Roberson

Nate Roberson

Nate Roberson is the Editorial Director for Gotham Ghostwriters, where he oversees a broad array of nonfiction and fiction bookwriting projects.