JOINT STATEMENT FROM AMPLIFY PUBLISHING GROUP AND GOTHAM GHOSTWRITERS ON SCRIBE MEDIA SHUTDOWN Like many of our colleagues in the publishing industry, we were stunned by today’s...
J.R. Moehringer did a public service for ghostwriters when he shared seemingly private details about his working relationship with Prince Harry for his book Spare.
For years, authors told their big ideas and life stories working storytelling experts. Usually, those ghostwriters remained behind the scenes. That's changing.
Gotham friend Rick Killian shares his tips for how to get your book out in the world.
Our writer community shares their insights regarding attribution and fact-checking.
L. M. Archer interviews GG writer Chris Smith about his and his coauthor Bec Evan's book, Written.
L. M. Archer interviews GG writer Pauline Bartel about her book, Gone With the Wind: 1939 Day by Day.
L. M. Archer interviews GG writer Amy L. Bernstein about her new book, The Potrero Complex.
Gotham writer Andrea Adleman shares the story of two publishing veterans coming together to fight climate change.
Gotham friend Josh Bernoff gives 10 reasons why a quality ghost is worth the price.
L. M. Archer interviews GG writer Gregory Mone about his new book, I, Skeletor

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