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Ghosts & Authors Tell #ScaryStories on Twitter

October 8, 2019

Photo by Erico Marcelino on Unsplash

Starting this week, we’re participating in a fun and unusual project on Twitter. For the rest of the month of October, seven authors on Twitter will be sharing daily frightening tales in threaded tweets marked with the hashtag #ScaryStories. Each author will share between one and three chilling stories. This project was developed by one of our clients, Tomcat, and is being led by managing editor and Jess Zafarris, who is also Gotham’s Executive Director of Marketing & Communications.

Join in the fun by following #ScaryStories, and learn about the participating authors and the story release schedule below!

Olivia White


Acclaimed horror author, journalist and video game developer from the UK. She works as COO for The NoSleep Podcast, directing, scheduling and selecting stories and generally trying to scare the pants off of people. She also writes stories for the show. Her first book is Bright Lights & Glass Houses: Therapy Edition. Olivia also occasionally publishes stories under the name Holly Dionis, including the infamous “My Anime Body Pillow.” With The NoSleep Podcast, she has recently completed work with FX in conjunction with American Horror Story.


October 7th

October 11th

October 16th

Alan Baxter


A multi-award-winning author of horror, supernatural thrillers, and dark fantasy. He’s also a martial arts expert, a whisky-soaked swear monkey, and dog lover. He creates dark, weird stories among dairy paddocks on the beautiful south coast of NSW, Australia where he lives with his wife, son and hound. Find him online at www.warriorscribe.com.


October 8th

October 15th

October 22nd

Gabrielle Faust


Internationally renowned author best known for her vampire series Eternal Vigilance. Her previous work has also included three collections of poetry, a novella, the celebrated dark fantasy adventure novel Revenge, and the vampire novel The Lineage. She was also the chief editor and a contributor of the vampire anthology High Stakes. Her work has appeared in the sites SciFi Wire, Fatally Yours, Examiner, Doorways Magazine, Fear Zone, Gothic Beauty Magazine, as well as various anthologies. https://gabriellefaust.com


October 9th

October 12th

October 14th

October 27th

John F.D. Taff


Multi-Stoker-nominated horror writer with 30 years experience, seven novels, three collection and more than 100 published short stories. He is an Active member of the Horror Writers Association. His first fiction collection, Little Deaths, was named the best horror collection of 2012 by HorrorTalk.Jack Ketchum called his novella collection, The End in All Beginnings, “one of the best novella collections I’ve read.” His new fiction collection, Little Black Spots, was released by Grey Matter Press in the Spring of 2018. JohnFDTaff.com


October 10th

October 13th

October 17th

Richard Thomas


Award-winning author of three novels, three short story collections, and one novella, as well as more than 150 published stories. He has won contests at ChiZine and One Buck Horror, has received five Pushcart Prize nominations, and has been long-listed for Best Horror of the Year six times. He was also the editor of four anthologies. He has been nominated for the Bram Stoker, Shirley Jackson, and Thriller awards. In his spare time he is a columnist at Lit Reactor. www.whatdoesnotkillme.com


October 18th

October 21st

October 25th

Josh Bernoff


A professional writer since 1982, Josh is the creator of WithoutBullshit.com. He has coauthored three books on business strategy, including Groundswell, which was a bestseller. He spent 20 years at Forrester Research, including five years as Senior Vice President, Idea Development. He is also the CEO of wellnesscampaign.org, a non­-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of wellness through changing habits, and he’s a trusted regular with Gotham Ghostwriters who, as it turns out, writes really fun Black Mirror-style horror stories.


October 19th

October 24th

October 28th

October 30th

Grady Hendrix


Grady is the author of Horrorstör, the only novel about a haunted Scandinavian furniture store you’ll ever need. NPR selected it as one of the best books of 2014 and it has been translated into 14 languages and is being turned into a television show by Gail Berman (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Charlie Kaufman (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), and Josh Schwartz (Gossip Girl). His novel My Best Friend’s Exorcism, about demonic possession, friendship, exorcism, and the Eighties, is basically Beaches meets The Exorcist. He also wrote Paperbacks from Hell, a history of the horror paperback boom in the Seventies and Eighties that followed the success of Rosemary’s Baby, The Exorcist, and Thomas Tryon’s The Other. His most recent novel is We Sold Our Souls, a heavy metal take on the Faust legend. He has another novel coming out in Spring 2020. He has written for Playboy Magazine, Slate, The Village Voice, the New York Post, Film Comment, and Variety. gradyhendrix.com


October 23th

October 26th

October 29th

Jess Zafarris


Gotham’s Executive Director of Marketing & Communications joined the fun as well with a story about working with the agency itself. 


October 20th

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