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In part two of this two part series, Friend of Gotham Toni Robino discusses how to avoid hiring the wrong ghostwriter with editorial director Nate Roberson
In part one of this two part series, Friend of Gotham Toni Robino interviews editorial director Nate Roberson about finding the right ghost match
Following the success of our blog series, Gotham joined forces with United Ghostwriters to present a live webinar.
With this last installment of our series, we explore in full detail this question of how ghosts can—and cannot—help you achieve your publishing goals.
Working with a ghostwriter is a collaboration. Both writer and client have clearly defined roles to play. So how do they work together? We explore the process in this new post.
Learn how to strike the right balance and reach the right bargain with the ghostwriter you’ve chosen to work with.
In our third post of the series, we share the most important insights and best practices we have learned from over a decade of matchmaking to provide a “ghost dating manual” that helps authors just starting their journey find the right person for their project.
Should you hire a book coach, editor, ghostwriter — or write a book entirely by yourself? Here’s an in-depth look at how to make the right decision for your needs and priorities.
With this post, we will define ghostwriting by covering the history and evolution of collaborative creation, the brief foray away from that approach to sole creative endeavors, and the current swing back to collaboration that’s proving to be a boon for writers and readers alike. Finally, we’ll introduce you to the wide array of benefits authors gain by working with a professional writing partner.
What ghostwriters do largely remains a mystery to the outside world. To provide some authoritative answers, and highlight how our field has grown into a truly global profession, we're partnering with United Ghostwriters on a new campaign called Ghostwriting Confidential 2021.

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