Gathering of the Ghosts – January 22, 2024

Ghostwriting Confidential 2021 Webinar [VIDEO]

When we first partnered with United Ghostwriters on the Ghostwriting Confidential 2021 blog series, it was because we sensed there was an opportunity to provide a full picture of a modern industry that many may have heard of, but few understood.

With our combined expertise across genres, platforms, (and even continents!) we knew we were in a unique position to educate the public and increase the visibility of our profession.

Last week, we joined forces again: Gotham CEO Dan Gerstein led a thought-provoking discussion with Toni Robino, Shannon Kyle, and Ginny Carter for a live webinar that ultimately became our most highly-attended (and engaged) webinar to date.

Topics and questions addressed included:

  • How involved is the publisher in the selection of the ghostwriter? How is the cost determined? Does the author or the publisher pay the fee?
  • What does a contract between a ghostwriter and client include?
  • How much contact do ghostwriters and co-authors generally have with clients?
  • Can you contract a ghostwriter for just a book proposal, with the option to write the entire book if a book deal is made?
  • What is the difference between a ghostwriter and a co-writer (when the writer gets credit on the cove)? How are the agreement, terms, compensation, etc. different?

Watch the video now!

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