Introducing Gotham GHOSTMASTERS

The RealClear Publishing Advantage Webinar

May 25, 2020

In this webinar, Gotham Ghostwriters CEO Dan Gerstein, RealClearPolitics Washington Bureau Chief Carl Cannon, and Amplify Publishing CEO Naren Aryal discuss the landscape for political thought leaders considering writing a book. Aspiring authors now have more options than ever but unless you’re a household name already—or a partisan activist with a built-in audience—chances are traditional publishers won’t consider you.

That’s where RealClear Publishing, a new imprint from RealClearPolitics steps in to offer a new and trusted platform for independent-minded thinkers and advocates to ultimately help diversify and enrich the marketplace of ideas. The speakers will discuss the new publishing options, and the advantages our new model offers.

During this conversation, RealClear Publishing’s leaders will discuss:

-How the RealClear Publishing approach differs from traditional publishing and self-publishing
-The benefits our hybrid publishing model offers
-The full range of services we offer writing and editorial, book production, distribution, and author marketing
-If you are book curious, we hope you can join us with:

Watch the full webinar here:

Dan Gerstein is the founder and CEO of Gotham Ghostwriters. He is a nationally recognized political writer, communications strategist, and idea man who has been writing professionally for himself and others for 25 years.

Carl M. Cannon is the Washington Bureau Chief of RealClearPolitics and Executive Editor of RealClear Media Group. He is a past recipient of the Gerald R. Ford Journalism Prize for Distinguished Reporting and the Aldo Beckman Award.

Naren Aryal is the co-founder and publisher of Mascot Books and Amplify Publishing. As an author himself, he appreciates the opportunities and challenges facing storytellers. As a publisher, he’s well-versed in the market factors that determine success.

If you’re not sure how to take your book from concept to completion, while building your audience and platform, a ghostwriter or developmental editor can help you transform your content into a polished manuscript. Tell us about your idea below, and we’ll match you with a ghostwriter who can bring your vision to live.



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