Jennifer Banash Wins 2019 Writing Residency with Hewnoaks

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I’m delighted to announce that our very own Jennifer Banash, Director of our soon-to-launch Gotham Ghostwriters Creative Writing practice, has won a 2019 writing residency with Hewnoaks.

Located in Portland, ME, Hewnoaks was established in 1901 by artists Marion Larrabee Volk and her husband Douglas Volk, who hosted numerous artists there in addition to developing their own work. Today, the property’s primary purpose is as an artist and writer residency.

Here’s what Jen has to say about the residency:

“As the mother of a six year old, a busy ghostwriter, and now the director of the Creative Writing division at Gotham, the one thing I wish I had more of on a daily basis is time to devote to own work. Oftentimes, by the end of the day, all I can do is look longingly in the general direction of my works-in-progress — all three of them — and then pour myself a glass of wine. I’m incredibly grateful to Hewnoaks for giving me the opportunity to spend a week in solitude to concentrate on my writing, and even more grateful that the organization itself both recognizes and responds to the particular pressures of parenthood by offering a child care stipend for applicants with families.”

Here’s wishing you similar successes in your writing career. 

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