Introducing Write About Now: A New Podcast for Wordsmiths

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We want to flag a new podcast that will be of particular interest to our community of word people. This month Jonathan Small, a member of the GG network, launched “Write About Now,” a series to help connect, educate, and entertain anyone working in the writing field. And we mean anyone. “Write About Now” features interviews with well-known wordsmiths from a variety of mediums – journalists, screenwriters, novelists, ghostwriters, poets, and more. Through these conversations, Small will take a deep dive into how writers master their craft and rise in their respective fields, offering tips, inspiration, and laughs for both aspiring and professional scribes.

It just so happens that Small’s first guest on “Write About Now” is our founder and president, Dan Gerstein. In the interview Dan discusses how Gotham Ghostwriters came to be, what a ghostwriter really does, and how he has made a business out of finding people the ideal writing partner for them. He even gets dubbed the “ghostwriting buster” in the process. You can check out the podcasts premier episode featuring Dan here

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