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Gotham Ghostwriters Partners with Real Clear Politics to Launch Real Clear Books, a New Political Book Publishing Imprint

June 10, 2019

We’re excited to announce that Gotham Ghostwriters is partnering with RealClearPolitics and Amplify Publishing to launch RealClearBooks, a brand new publishing imprint that is rising to meet the demand for political books as we approach the 2020 election.

RealClearBooks balances smart, high-quality content with speed to market while avoiding the pitfalls of partisanship and restrictive politics that often come with traditional houses. The imprint gives innovative thought leaders access to some of the most important decision makers in politics and policy without the wait — while retaining full rights to their content. RealClearBooks provides authors with access to an audience of leaders and outlets from all sides of the political spectrum and provides visibility where it matters most.

“We’re excited to bring a much-needed disruption to the political book landscape that too often caters to the loudest, most partisan voices,” says Carl Cannon, Executive Editor of RealClear Media Group. “Because we are using a different model, RealClearBooks will be able to bring a greater array of thought-provoking titles and thoughtful arguments to the forefront of national conversations.”

RealClearBooks’ kick-off title will be Contract to Unite America by Neal Simon, the most successful independent candidate to run for U.S. Senate in 2018. Simon based his campaign on ending the partisan duopoly with the goal of bringing the country together and changing the way Washington works to create a government that prioritizes people over partisanship. Slated for publication in November 2019, Contract to Unite America will be a definitive guide to making these goals a reality in American politics.

With its unmatched network of editorial talent and knowledge of the collaborative writing space, Gotham Ghostwriters is uniquely positioned to help Real Clear authors develop the best version of their vision. From honing the book’s concept to drafting the full manuscript to fine-tuning the author’s work, Gotham’s team will supply the right solution for any author’s needs.

Gotham will use its proven four-step matchmaking process to help RealClear authors find an editorial partner who knows their subject matter and, more importantly, can capture their voice. In recent years, this process has produced a number of successful collaborations and major books in the politics, policy, and thought leadership spaces, including:

• A geopolitical trends book by a global security expert/former FBI investigator and New York Times-bestselling author

• A policy book for one of the Obama Administration’s top environmental officials

• A policy book for the plaintiff in one of the Supreme Court’s most high-profile cases of the last five years

• A thought leadership book on the rising African economy with one of the continent’s top entrepreneurs

The new imprint will start off using a custom publishing approach powered by one of the world’s premier hybrid publishers, with authors financing the creation and publication of their work while retaining ownership of their IP and capturing most of the sales revenue. “But we will have the flexibility over time to partner with authors in different ways,” Cannon says, “from traditional acquisitions to joint ventures.”

Learn more about this new imprint at RealClearBooks.com/publishing.


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