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Gotham Ghostwriters Partners with Mascot Books to Launch Dear Kids Books

June 29, 2020

We’re proud to partner with Mascot Books to launch Dear Kids Books, an innovative, new publishing service that creates the gift of a lifetime for children.

Mascot Books today introduced a new publishing service, Dear Kids Books, for parents and elders who want to share their legacy with their family’s next generation—through a beautiful, custom-made book.

The inaugural Dear Kids Book, Please Open in the Event of My Death: A Father’s Advice to His Daughters in Case Something Horrible Happens (Which Hopefully It Won’t But Just in Case…) was born from New York Lawyer Mark Hsu’s fear of flying. If his plane went down, what would his daughters remember him by? Please Open aims to answer this question and more by offering a memoir-style guide that emphasizes the most important lessons about identity, love, and the world he’s experienced so far.

Not everyone has the time to pen a manuscript like Mark’s. Many families recognize the need to “pass down” family histories to future generations, yet most of them do not have the resources or platform to see it through. That’s where Dear Kids Books steps in, offering support in writing, editing, proofreading, and marketing expertise where needed. Dear Kids takes away the question of how you will chronicle your family story and replaces it with “when”?

With three programs of varying levels of editorial and creative services, Dear Kids offers a customized solution matched to each client’s needs and priorities. They guide you through each stage—from the initial writing process and matching you with the perfect ghostwriter to proofing the final manuscript before your book heads to the printer. In just a short time, your book will be delivered to your home to enjoy with the whole family for years to come.

Supported by a partnership with Gotham Ghostwriters and Mascot Books, Dear Kids offers premium writing and editing support and best-in-class design and production to deliver your message on your terms to serve your purpose.



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