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Gotham Ghostwriters Launches Editorial Services Practice

June 2, 2020

NEW YORK —Gotham Ghostwriters today announced the launch of a dedicated Editorial Services Practice offering authors expert resources through its unmatched network of editors, book coaches, and book doctors.

Industry veteran Nate Roberson will lead the Editorial Services Practice, which utilizes Gotham Ghostwriters’ innovative matchmaking model to connect authors with editorial specialists who have conceptualized, edited, and doctored proposals and books in every genre in the publishing marketplace – from business, technology, wellness, and memoir, to fantasy, thrillers, romance and literary fiction.

Much like Gotham’s Bookwriting Practice, the Editorial Services group will work with authors of all shapes and sizes – from those who publish with big houses to those who go with small independent presses to those who self-publish or engage hybrid publishers.

“These services are in high demand as publishing become increasingly accessible to a wider range of authors, and we have already been providing them to more and more of our clients on ad hoc basis,” Gotham CEO Dan Gerstein said. “So it only made sense to create a dedicated practice area that will leverage our extraordinary talent pool and our innovative four-step matching process to serve a larger universe of authors who are eager for professional help beyond ghostwriting.”

Roberson, who currently serves as Gotham’s Editorial Director, worked for more than a decade as an editor at the Crown Publishing Group, where he edited numerous New York Times bestsellers and major award winners across a broad range of genres, including commercial and literary fiction and narrative and prescriptive nonfiction. His thorough understanding of the intricacies of today’s publishing marketplace make him uniquely suited to ensure authors’ individual editorial needs are met by Gotham Ghostwriters’ rich web of industry relationships.

“Knowing the amazing network of editors that Gotham has access to,” Roberson said, “I’m incredibly excited by the opportunity to deliver first-rate editorial support to our clients, whether they be publishers and agents seeking to help their authors, companies looking to polish their content to the highest standard, or individual authors in need of expert guidance.”

Gotham Ghostwriters’ network of 2500-plus editorial pros features hundreds of editors and consultants who have a wide range of backgrounds, specialties, and skills, gleaned from working for major publishing houses, literary agencies, and national publications. Gotham Ghostwriters’ editors have collaborated with national political figures, Fortune 500 CEOs, celebrities, bestselling novelists, first-time authors, and everyone in between.

“Our wide network of editors have a diverse range of skills and experience, but one thing they all have in common is a passion for helping authors refine their message and structure, polish their prose, and maximize the effectiveness of their work,” says Roberson.

The Editorial Services Practice joins a host of services offered by Gotham Ghostwriters including Bookwriting, Creative Writing, Speechwriting, and Thought Leadership.


About Gotham Ghostwriters

Have a brilliant idea for a nonfiction book or a novel, but don’t know where to start? Need to give a high-stakes speech at a major conference, but don’t have a speechwriting pro on your team? Want to publish a delicately worded op-ed to explain a controversial argument, but can’t find a writer you trust?

With more than 2,500 editorial and publishing specialists in our network — and connections to a larger universe of 20,000 freelance pros — we have the unparalleled ability to find the right writing partner for your priorities.

And through our extensive industry relationships with literary agents, publishers, media outlets, and PR and marketing consultants, we can also help you find the right publishing path for your stories and get the most impact for your ideas.

Learn more about our credentials and capabilities at GothamGhostwriters.com



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