From Thought Leader to Successful Author

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It’s never been easier to to publish a book, but it’s also never been harder to penetrate the market and get noticed. That’s why Dan Gerstein, President of Gotham Ghostwriters and Peter Winick, CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage say that writing the book is only half of the journey to authorship, the other half is recognizing that writing a book is like setting up a “pop-up business.” As with any business you’ve got to be 1) sure about the timing and 2) have clarity on the mission.

In this webinar, Dan and Peter give an overview of:

– How thought leaders should think about the book decision

– How the evolving publishing business works today

– How to choose the right path for your book.

It won’t be the same journey for each thought leader, that’s why authors have to educate themselves on:

– How to get the book written: learn about the ghostwriting market and how it works

– How to get your book published: what is traditional models vs new models of publishing

– How to get your book noticed: as the author what are you expected to do, what will your publisher do, will you need outside help and if so, what kind?

The biggest lesson from the webinar? Get started NOW.

Watch the full webinar here:

Dan Gerstein is the founder and CEO of Gotham Ghostwriters. He is a nationally recognized political writer, communications strategist, and idea man who has been writing professionally for himself and others for 25 years.

Since forming Gotham Ghostwriters, Gerstein has become one of the country’s top experts on the ghostwriting market and a sought-after source for industry conferences and news articles. He is also a nationally-recognized leader in the speechwriting field, co-founding the Professional Speechwriters Association.

Peter Winick is the founder and CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. For the past two decades he has helped individuals and organizations build and grow revenue streams through designing and growing their thought leadership platforms as well as acting as a guide and advisor for increasing business to business sales of thought leadership products.

Peter uses a combination of art, science, logic, focus, passion, and creativity to transform a thought leader’s great ideas into a platform and practice so they can effectively reach business leaders and executives to serve them the tools they and their organizations need.

If you’re not sure how to take your book from concept to completion, while building your audience and platform, a ghostwriter or developmental editor can help you transform your content into a polished manuscript. Tell us about your idea below, and we’ll match you with a ghostwriter who can bring your vision to live.

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