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Ghostwriting Confidential 2021

A Campaign Collaboration Between Gotham Ghostwriters & United Ghostwriters

We ghostwriters are not supposed to spill secrets, but here’s one that we feel good about sharing: This is a boom time for our business. 

Over the last decade or so, a combination of trends in the content marketplace—the democratization of book publishing, the mass expansion of digital platforms, and the growing premium placed on thought leadership—have spurred a huge surge in demand for high-level writing help for time-starved authors, thinkers, and speakers. And oddly enough, the pandemic has only served to turbocharge the calls for our services, with thousands of would-be authors who are stuck at home finally having time to focus on that book they’ve been meaning to get to.

But all that activity has not enhanced our visibility—what we ghosts do largely remains a mystery to the outside world. That’s certainly evident from the barrage of questions we—be it Gotham Ghostwriters in the U.S. or United Ghostwriters in the U.K.—typically get hit with when we first connect with new clients.

We are partnering with United Ghostwriters to deliver a six-week guide that covers the basics of hiring and working with a writing partner

To provide some authoritative answers, and highlight how our field has grown into a truly global profession, our two groups are partnering across the pond on a campaign we’re calling Ghostwriting Confidential 2021.

The goal of this series is to leverage our collective cross-national insights to help potential clients better understand what it is we do—and don’t do. In particular, we aim to define, demystify, and, to the extent possible, de-risk-ify the process and ultimately maximize the payoff from working with a ghostwriter.

We are kicking the campaign off with a six-week guide that covers the basics of hiring and working with a writing partner. Topics to be covered include:

  • What does “ghostwriting” mean?
  • Do I need a ghostwriter, or do I need an editor?
  • How do I find and choose a ghostwriter?
  • How much does it cost to hire a ghostwriter?
  • How does the ghostwriting process work?
  • How can a ghostwriter help me get published?

Look out for the first post in the series here

We’ll also soon be offering select webinars covering these topics (stay tuned for an announcement). 

If you are curious to learn more about what we do, and especially if you could use some professional help developing a book, we hope you will join us. This is a unique opportunity to learn from world-class ghostwriters. You will walk away empowered with the right information to take the next step in your creative project and produce a book you will be proud to put your name on.


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