The Andy Awards

The first awards program specifically for book collaborations. Taking its name from the “and” that underpins creative cooperation, “the Andies” winners will be announced at the first-ever national convention of professional ghostwriters on January 22,  2024 in New York City.

Eligibility and Rules

  1. The Andy Awards (“the Andies”) are open to any book published as a result of a collaboration between an author (principal) and a writer (ghostwriter or collaborator). 
  2. Both author and writer must agree to jointly submit the book for consideration and agree that the award shall be jointly awarded and shared.
  3. The book must be published in the English language.
  4. The book must be published by either a trade publisher, a self-publishing platform, or a hybrid publishing service. 
  5. The publication date must be between January 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023, (“eligibility window”).  
  6. The book must have been available for purchase during the eligibility window.
  7. The following are not eligible for consideration for the The Andy Awards:
    • Co-authored books; for example, where both parties share copyright
    • Anthologies containing work written by multiple authors 
    • Reprints of books originally published prior to the eligibility window; 
    • Fiction 
    • Works of poetry 
    • Books created with heavy reliance on AI.

Each book may be submitted for consideration in only one (1) of the three (3) categories of book collaborations:  

  • Business and Thought Leadership;

  • Memoir and narrative nonfiction; or 

  • Prescriptive nonfiction.

Eligibility disputes shall be resolved by the Andy Awards Advisory Committee. Any finding by the Andy Awards Advisory Committee shall be binding.

Award Criteria

The finalists and winner in each category will recognize and celebrate the spirit of partnership between an author and a writer in the following categories:

Writing: The work is well written, eloquent, and engaging. The work captures the attention and imagination of the reader.

Premise and execution: The work is exemplary in its field/category. The author has the experience and credentials to write the book and uses that knowledge to craft a coherent and meaningful premise. 

Originality: The work presents a unique story, an innovative proposition, or new take on a common topic. It is fresh and intriguing, filling a gap in the category or giving voice to historically underrepresented populations.

Collaborative voice: The work is an effective demonstration of collaboration between the author and writer. The style authentically captures the author’s voice and message,  (A collaboration statement must be submitted with entry.)

Research and credibility: The work is organized and well researched. It has strong credibility based on supportive detail, including the use of citations (where applicable).

Impact: The work is prominently positioned, frequently reviewed, and/or cited in “best of” and bestseller lists.


Submission Process

Submissions for the Andy Awards are accepted between July 12-October 20, 2023.  

[10/21/23 Update: The submission period has closed. Submissions are no longer accepted.]

As part of the submission process, submitters will be asked:

  1. To affirm that both author and writer agree to be jointly considered for the award.  Only submissions in which both Author and writer agree to be jointly considered shall be evaluated.
  2. To provide a brief statement (up to 500 words) detailing the collaboration and what made it successful.
  3. Contact information for both parties in the event that the book is selected as a finalist.
  4. Submit either an electronic file (100 MB maximum) or link to a PDF of the book.

Please note:

  • There is a $50 entry fee for the 2024 Andy Awards.  
  • Entries will not be returned.  
  • Submission of an entry for consideration confers a non-exclusive license to Gotham Ghostwriters and American Society for Journalists and Authors for use, including short excerpts not to exceed 1,000 words, for marketing or promotional purposes connected to the Andy Awards and the Gathering of the Ghosts conference where they will be announced.  
  • The Andy Awards Advisory Committee reserves the right to modify this document and process during the submission and evaluation process.


Evaluation and Announcement Process

Submissions are judged by the Andy Awards Judging Committee. It is in their sole discretion whether there is a winner in any category.

Each category will be judged by three industry professionals.

The shortlist will be announced in early December 2023.

One winner in each category will be announced at the Gathering of the Ghosts convention on January 22, 2024.



The Andy Awards are honorific. There is no cash prize.  

Winners will receive a digital Andy Award medallion for their website and social media.

Finalists and winning books will be featured in a press release and the social media channels of Gotham Ghostwriters and its affiliated entities and American Society of Journalists and Writers.

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