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Ghostbusted: A Deeper Dive into the Ethics of the Trump Ghostwriter Confessional

Posted: August 28, 2016 | By:

Toni Robino

For the first time in the history of the United States, ghostwriters are playing visible roles in a presidential election. Tony Schwartz, Donald Trump’s co-author for The Art of the Deal, is “telling all,” and Meredith McIver, a writer for the Trump Organization, is taking the hit for the plagiarized phrases in Melania Trump’s speech given at the Republican National Convention. As a ghostwriter, my initial reaction to both stories...

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Unconventional Wisdom: What Speakers and Writers Can Learn from Cleveland and Philly

Posted: August 9, 2016 | By:

Dan Gerstein

If the State of the Union is the Super Bowl of speechwriting – the most-watched, most-hyped, and most-dissected address of every year – the presidential nominating conventions are the rhetorical equivalent of March Madness. Wall-to-wall speechifying night after night, ping-ponging emotional highs and lows, no end of cable TV replays and hot takes . . . all viewed through the prism of getting to the Big Dance.

But now that balloons have...

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