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Cultivate a Garden of Peers Who Like and Respect You There’s a reason I don’t do a great deal of marketing—and no, smart guy, it’s not because...
Demand What You Deserve, Because No One Else Will Do It for You Three or four years back, I was speaking with a young but talented ghostwriter...
Being a Professional and Cultivating Word of Mouth A few months ago, a great-paying ghostwriting gig landed in my lap. A publisher called me and asked if...
You may be a writer, but you need to also consider yourself a marketer if you want readers to find your work.
The following advice will help you forge a strong, amicable, and productive partnership — whatever side of the margin you are on.
In this post, Phil Simon explains a few of the biggest challenges that he's faced as a scribe over the years.
Most of us freelance writers — with or without a book release — found ourselves up a creek when the pandemic hit.
In reality, we need to be able to trust ourselves enough, and trust what we want to write about, in order to truly see success with our writing. An endless stream of distractions can ultimately ensure that we never attain our creative project goals. However, there are ways to mitigate these distractions and fully allow ourselves the time, energy, and motivation to keep on task.
Carol Tice is a freelance-writing business coach, freelance writer, book ghostwriter, and blogger. We chatted with Carol about the importance of pivoting your business to survive economic changes, why freelancers must market themselves, and more. Read our interview with her here, and visit her website Make A Living Writing.