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In our Ask the Expert series, we address reader questions about all things writing, publishing, and storytelling.
Rather than being a traditional business or agency, United Ghostwriters describes itself as “simply a group of 15 friends and colleagues who’ve come together to offer our tried-and-tested expertise to people who want the best for their writing projects.”
Carol Tice is a freelance-writing business coach, freelance writer, book ghostwriter, and blogger. We chatted with Carol about the importance of pivoting your business to survive economic changes, why freelancers must market themselves, and more. Read our interview with her here, and visit her website Make A Living Writing.
“While these are challenging times, like in any crisis, there is opportunity as well.” That was the general consensus from our webinar with speaker brand consultant Mirjana Novkovic and thought leadership strategist Peter Winick earlier this week.
The pandemic has upended most industries, but if you’re a thought leader and/or speaker, you might be particularly prone to panicking right now. With no definite end or live audiences in sight, what can you do to prevent your profile from flatlining — and to adapt to this new normal?
Kevin Maney is a writer and consultant. He selectively works with CEOs and companies on writing projects that give something interesting or important to the world. His most recent book is Unscaled: How AI and a New Generation of Upstarts Are Creating the Economy of the Future and prior to that, he wrote Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets.
It’s a challenge many authors have suddenly found themselves in—having to step up their game to make sure they can get in front of their audience and sell as many books as possible. Dan Gerstein, Gotham CEO, had a helpful and in depth conversation with Jennifer and Rachel about practical tips for what authors can and should do on their own to help promote their books and what outside help there is to publicize it.
In this webinar, Gotham Ghostwriters CEO Dan Gerstein, RealClearPolitics Washington Bureau Chief Carl Cannon, and Amplify Publishing CEO Naren Aryal discuss the landscape for political thought leaders considering writing a book.
Rodney Moore is a ghostwriter for entrepreneurs, innovators, mavericks and thought leaders and also copywrites and offers creative copy direction for established brands, emerging start-ups and product companies.
Mary Langford is a freelance writing coach, ghostwriter and editor and is currently writing her first book. For five years, Mary worked at the right hand of New York Times bestselling author and Emmy-winning producer Sidney Sheldon and later assisted world-famous hairstylist and entrepreneur Vidal Sassoon, in the writing of his autobiography.