Alison Romig

Alison completed her BA in both English Literature and Government at The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. She served as the Prose Editor on the college’s oldest literary magazine, The William & Mary Review, where she had the privilege of meeting and learning from writers from all around the country, including powerhouses such as Ann Beattie. After completing her undergraduate degree, Alison continued her education at the NYU Summer Publishing Institute with the help of the Ferguson-Blair Graduate Scholarship in Publishing. 

Her love for writing extends back to her childhood, when she would spend hours writing, illustrating, and binding small books for her family. This passion for creation is what led her to Gotham, where she serves as the main point of contact for writers, manages the social media, and handles billing and administration. She spends her spare time writing short stories, reading (anything from absurdist flash fiction to the latest YA trend), and trying desperately to recreate recipes from her new all-vegetable cookbook. 

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