Author: Brooke Carey

How Understanding Marketing Can Help You Land A Book Deal

Posted: October 12, 2017 | By:

Probably the biggest mistake an aspiring author can make is assuming that their only job is to write a good book. That's only step one. Then you have to market it. Marketing and publicity have always been integral to a book's success, but, increasingly, publishers are depending on authors to do most of the grunt work. "Well, that's annoying!" you're probably thinking. I agree. It sucks. It would be great if writers could just write and have their work...

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Milo Can You Go?: Editing Across the Aisle

Posted: January 6, 2017 | By:


Last week news broke that controversial internet commentator and Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos had received a $250,000 advance from Simon & Schuster for his forthcoming book Dangerous. The deal sparked outrage among readers and those within the publishing community who accused S&S of pedaling the views of a hatemonger and attempting to...

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Gotham Ghostwriters’ Favorite Books of 2016

Posted: December 21, 2016 | By:

Every December, dozens of news and entertainment websites release their best books of the year lists and 2016 was no exception. As a community of writers and editors, we love reading...

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How to Write a Book Proposal That Doesn’t Suck, Part I: Comps

Posted: June 26, 2016 | By:

Brooke Carey

You know how some employers say that they throw out resumes with spelling errors on them because it indicates the job applicant lacks attention to detail? As Gotham Ghostwriter’s Chief Matchmaking Officer and a former editor at a major publishing house for more than eight years, I judge you equally harshly if your book proposal does, or fails to do, certain things. And I know I’m not the only book professional who feels this way.

One such critical area is a...

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